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DMS Yearbook Page

Yearbook Staff: Riley Cantwell, Madison Carlos, Savina Compston, Karla Enriquez, Madison Gaffeney, Courtney Hanson, Alexandra Jimenez, Daisy Lopez, Hailey Mazuroski, Payton Silva, and Madison Womack. The yearbook advisor is Mr. Eddington.

Yearbook Purchase: The pre-paid yearbooks for the 2013-14 will be sold at Coyote Round-Up through February 1st. The prices are as follows: hardcover ($30) and softcover ($25). Prices will go up $5 after Christmas (so, $35 & $30, respectively). The cut off to purchase a yearbook this year will be February 1st. As usual, if the yearbook publisher has overruns they will be sent and offered for sale at the end of the school year. A list of students who have purchased a yearbook is listed below.

Baby Pictures: We are offering our 8th grade students an opportunity to turn in a baby picture (no message included, just a picture) for free in the yearbook. However, it is a first come, first placed. If we have room, the latest we will take pictures is January 31st. Pictures will be returned to the student. If you are interested in submitting a message, please see 8th grade parent ads below. *FULL - NO SPACE AVAILABLE* I might be able to open up more slots, but I won't know until after Christmas. If you want you can submit a baby pic and I can scan it and hold it on a waiting list OR you can purchase a parent ad and place it there.

Parent Ads: As an 8th grade parent you may purchase a 1/4 of a page and include a message or a picture of your child with all their friends and family or doing their favorite hobby or activity, etc. The price is $15. Space is limited, so it will be first come, first placed. Please call or have your child bring in the picture/caption/money to Mr. Eddington if you are interested. We will take parent ads until space is filled or until February 1st. *FULL - NO SPACE AVAILABLE*


Purchased Yearbooks: As of 8/29/13. If you see your name mispelled please notify me and I will get it corrected. Thank you.

Alicea, Corrine
Arndt Ethan
Arrieta, Jackeline
Badal, Scott
Bailey, Colton
Bass, Payton
Beck, James "JB"
Bedari, Alyssa
Bernardi, Dylan
Brown, Catie
Bowen-Ornelas, Ivy
Brown, Libby
Bryson, Kase
Butler, Jason
Cantwell, Riley
Cantwell, Sidney
Cervantes, Kyle
Cherry, Zachary
Ciccarelli, Piper
Climer, Cyler
Close, Bryant
Collins, Hollie
Compston, Garret
Compston, Savina
Conde, Christopher
Coria, Yareli
Day, Rachel
DeSilva, Cody
DeSilva, Dylan
Dhanowa, Brandon
Dirkse, Jake
Durham, Brittany
Earley, Autumn
Eldridge, Christina
Eldrige, Taylor
Elgen, Brittney
Fanning, Emilee
Fant, Weston
Fair, Treyton
Fish, Nicole
Freitas, Joey
Gabriel, Melody
Gaffaney, Madison
Garcha, Harinder
Garibay, Nathan
Gauthier, Jenna
Gomes, Logan
Gomes, Rachel
Goodman, Emily
Gouveia, Britttany
Gowin, Rachel
Hanson, Courtney
Haringa, Ryan
Hirschkorn, Emma
Howry, Madysen
Hulbert, Dani
Hulbert, Trent
Ibarra, Jonathan
Jeffus, Breck
Jeffus, Michael
Keas, Madison
Kosakiewicz, Jonah
Lema, Brieanna
Lessley, Jared
Lewellen, Brianna
Lewellen, Jacob
Lujan, Alexis
Magina, Hope
Malagon, Adriel
Malagon, Andrew
Mann, Dylan
Martinez-Aguilera, Lila
Martinez, Seth
Maxwell, Jacob
Morrison, Corben
Mundello, Nicole
Nascimento, Jenna
Nelson, Madison
Orozco, Gloria
Ottis, Joshua
Peden, Brady
Peden, Daniel
Perez, Gabby
Perez, Gabe
Pittman, Bailey
Jones-Pombo, Hailey
Pombo, Matthew
Prock, Bryson
Prock, Courtney
Pulido, Damian
Raymond, Chyenne
Rebiejo, Kortney
Rocha, Adam
Rogers, Rios
Selee, Peyton
Sharlou, Romella
Silva, Nolan
Silva, Payton
Sivils, Lilly
Smith, Jacob
Snyder, Madison
Sondeno, Shannon
Soto, Natalie
Souza, Cheyenne
Souza, Lauren
Starkey, Derek
Stout, Kylie
Streit, Loni
Suarez, Bryanna
Swanson, David
Thacker, Lydia
Tullio, Nicholas
Urchison, Chenoa
Vafadouste, Kevin
Van Dyke, Pressley
Webster, Emma
Winston, Steffin
Womack, Madison