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Denair Academic Avenues

“A Pathway to Innovation and Enrichment”

  • D2A’s mission is to provide an educational experience for the “whole child”.
  • This will be seat based, 5 days a week. Class size will be 20:1 or less
  • In addition to a strong academic core, which will be called AVENUES; D2A will also provide experiences for every child in visual and performing arts, world/foreign languages, and technology, which will be called PATHWAYS.
  • Our vision is to expand this AVENUE and PATHWAY design into an entire elementary school via a slow growth model. During the first year, D2A plans to operate a school with 120 students. During the second year, the model will bring in 4th grade, and then 5th grade during the third year.
  • In order to protect District fiscal solvency, only 25% of the enrollment will come from DUSD.
  • The D2A philosophy will bring learning to students in a non-threatening, enriched environment where meaningful content is taught in an integrated thematic framework.
  • D2A’s educational program will utilize elements of Explicit Direct Instruction, the Multiple Intelligences, Positive Discipline, Integrated Thematic Instruction, Instructional Routines, Character Education and Life Skills.
  • Parental Involvement will be a vital part of our school’s dynamics. D2A will promote the home and school as the two institutions of learning and establishing a positive partnership with our parents.
  • Each student will have an Individual Avenue/Pathway Plan (IAPP). The plan will have student information that will identify their dominant intelligence, their pathway, and other data that will provide a successful experience.
  • D2A will be open to all students. Gifted, English Learner, students with disabilities, and special education support will be embraced in this new school.
  • D2A plans to adopt the District calendar year. Be open for 175 days, and offering an extended day Monday through Thursday, from 8:30 AM to 3:30 PM. On Friday, school will dismiss at 12:30 PM.
  • D2A will implement student assessment through a variety of multiple assessments, and on each Wednesday, a portion of the day will be devoted to student evaluation and team teaching collaboration.
  • D2A has established a contract with DUSD Food Services, Breakfast and Hot Lunches will be available upon purchase.

D2A is another school within DUSD. The difference is developing a program through the public charter school provisions allowing for innovation, creativity, and expanding the concepts to other grades over time.

Other differences are:

    • D2A will not provide home to school transportation. District transportation may be needed for field trips and other expansion experiences.

D2A plans to be housed on the old middle school campus, using the main building and the Simms building. The buildings will need minimal refurbishing; basically paint, and a little carpet. D2A plans on using existing furniture, student desks, and other materials available and/or in storage.

If approved, what are the next steps?
§ Facilities/Furniture/Equipment Committee
§ Innovative Curriculum Committee
§ Merchandizing/Promotion Campaign Committee
§ Teacher Recruitment Committee
§ Fiscal Outlook Committee

D2A promises something new to our District. With the worsening fiscal outlook ahead the District needs to make an opportunity from crisis. D2A brings an enthusiasm that will be contagious to the entire District. The Denair Academic Avenues Charter School Planning Committee to support the approval of the petition.