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Community Discussions Generate Many Good Ideas; Denair Trustees Take Next Steps Toward District Charter

Terry Metzger is an optimist. But the new Denair Unified School District superintendent also is a realist. It will take a clear, credible, honest message to gain enough community support to pass a parcel tax next spring – the linchpin in the district’s two-part vision to restore salaries and recruit teachers to propel education forward.

The second piece of that vision involves transforming DUSD into a charter district, which would allow greater flexibility in programming and teacher assignments.

Earlier this month, Metzger held town hall meetings with community members and staff to explain how the concepts support the long-term goals of the district and to listen to questions and comments.

Thursday night, she reported on the meetings to the district’s Board of Trustees.

Part of the conversation, Metzger explained, was asking those in attendance to participate in “vision casting.” She asked her audiences to finish two open-ended sentences:

  • “When my child graduates …”
  • “A great school …”

Respondents used words and phrases like “competence,” “employable,” “prepared for a global world,” “community leaders,” “internally motivated,” and “passionate and compassionate” to complete the first sentence.

For the second, they said characteristics of a great school include “high expectations,” “accountability for everyone,” “are inviting and inclusive,” “prepare students for college and life,” “are safe and stable,” “have excellent staff,” “are innovative,” “support parents and families” and “have a sense of community voice.”

Potentially passing a parcel tax and adopting a districtwide charter are two ways to boost the quality of education in Denair.

Metzger describes the parcel tax as a way “launch the vision” by restoring salaries that were slashed in 2013. Though the district’s finances have since stabilized and overall enrollment has grown, longtime employees still are paid today about what they were 11 years ago.

“It would be a short-term community investment in DUSD that will bring long-term community benefits,” she explained at the Sept. 4 meeting.

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Denair High School - Initiatives

Denair High School - Mr. Stavrianoudakis

Unified: A Day in the life of Alex, Conner and Adrianna

Denair Unified School District and the Denair High School proudly presents our first documentary highlighting three secondary students. As you experience "A Day in the life of Alex, Conner and Adrianna" it is our hope that you become connected to our exquisite community of high achieving learners and relational staff. This one of a kind documentary will be sure to touch your heart, mind and soul.

Alumni Adds Splash of Color to Middle School Office

A former student with a talent for art is brightening up one of the walls at the Denair Middle School office.

Libby Martinez, a 2017 graduate of Denair High, spent part of Thursday and Friday painting a howling young coyote with the words “Denair is home.” The mural graces what is familiarly known as the “detention wall” outside the principal’s office (it’s the place where students wait).

The project is the brainchild of first-year Principal Amanda Silva, whose oldest son, Hector Obando, graduated with Martinez.

“I reached out … and asked if Libby would consider painting a mural on an empty wall, depicting school spirit. Libby jumped right on it and less than 24 hours later, she is sketching and painting,” Silva said Thursday.

“I got a text from her Wednesday asking if I’d do this,” Martinez recalled. “It never went through my head to say no. It was, ‘How am I going to do this before I go back to San Francisco?’ ”

Martinez is an art major at San Francisco State University. She moves back into the dorms next Thursday; school begins Aug. 27.

She expects to finish the mural no later than Monday. Thursday, she set up a projector in an office across from the wall, allowing her to trace the coyote and words on the wall. She then applied the first coat of semi-gloss house paint. She’s using two shades of purple and brown as well as black, white and gray.

Friday morning, she put on a second coat of purple on the letters.

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